Technical innovations

Starting from November, companies will be able to test a new Watson Analytics analysis and sales management system owned by IBM concern for 30 days.

Everyone may use the analysis system, not only chairmen and executive directors. We envisage that marketing, sales and finance directors will be also using it in order to take a better advantage of Watson Analytics possibilities, to structure complicated queries, to assess data, and to involve analytical potential of data – promises Ales Bartunek, chief executive officer in IBM for Poland and Baltic region countries.


The service which is based on capabilities of IBM Watson supercomputer will guarantee entrepreneurs the possibilities of a detailed analysis, storage and visualization of data as well as performance of prognoses on their basis. In great measure, the software is based on a calculation cloud and uses so called cognitive computing, that is a “learning” architecture of calculation systems, which solves problems with a great number of data more effectively. Watson Analytics will enable the access to this type of advanced analytics to people who do not have wide technical knowledge.


Recently, IBM company has introduced a Polish version of SoftLayer in Poland, which provides the access to servers and enables the storage of data in the technology of a calculation cloud. The advantage is that everyone may obtain a very easy IT environment at any daytime or week in order to gain the access to dedicated or public servers on which data may be stored and we can use them if necessary. They are easy in access in a few secondssays Bartunek.


SoftLayer, like Watson Analytics, is available for free within 30-day tests.


IBM announced the establishment of an exclusive partnership with Apple in July, the aim of which is to integrate possibilities of the analysis of the large collection of data by IBM and possibilities of iPhone and iPad devices. We are preparing ourselves to create an application for many sectors such as banking, telecommunication, local governments, retail, health care and social insurance systems as well as all kinds of insurances. We would like to make it possible to use this technology always when it is needed and at the same time take advantage of Apple mobile technologies – informs Bartunek.

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