The first accelerator in a real estate sector in Europe

From October 2014, innovative young companies in a real estate sector will have a chance to apply for participation in Pi Labs programme – the first entrepreneurship accelerator in Europe within a technology sector which is concentrated on properties.

Pi Labs company was founded by Faisal Butt (the founder and chief executive officer in Spire Ventures, formerly Hamilton Bradshaw Real Estate) and Umesh Kumar (formerly associate in TechStars and Oxygen) in order to make development of activity in real estate and technological innovations sector easy for young entrepreneurs. Within Pi Labs programme, they will receive an access to investment funds, mentor support and business space. The aim of Pi Labs is to encourage to develop another generation of technological innovations in the real estate sector. We would like to create opportunities for young companies in the real estate and technology sectors which are going to look for space, access to a capital and support and thus – help in building the success of new technological companies. Pi Labs is supposed to perform a function of a platform, thanks to which firms like such giants as Zoopla, AirBnB or Nest are going to arise – says Faisal Butt, the owner and chief executive officer in Pi Labs.


Pi Labs functions in the Second Home structure, founded by a former advisor of the Prime Minister – David Cameron and the main architect of London Tech City UK initiative. Second Home is located in London Shoreditch district and offers space of nearly 1900 sq. m. We are very glad that Pi Labs will be situated in Second Home and it will invest in start-ups which will help to increase effectiveness of companies in the real estate sector and enable to use their services. The fundamental aim of Second Home is to create a common place for representatives of various sectors of economy. Pi Labs is a perfect example of this interdisciplinary approach. We congratulate Cushman & Wakefield and Spire Ventures companies – comments Rohan Silva, the founder of Second Home.


The strategic partnership with Pi Labs was concluded by Cushman & Wakefield and Spire Ventures companies. Within its frameworks, the technological department of Cushman & Wakefield under the direction of Juliette Morgan, who is a chairman for properties in Tech City UK, will be transferred to Second Home and it will become an integral part of the accelerator’s programme. The fusion of property trades with new technologies will result in the change of functioning our clients and ourselves in the future. Technological and creative companies which are responsible for this transformation are present in the east London. As a leading advisor in the sector of new technologies and media in London and other world technological hubs, Cushman & Wakefield company supports new generation of property companies and those which develop software systems which will have an impact on the form of our cities and buildings and the way we work, do shopping or live – says Digby Flower, chief executive officer in Cushman & Wakefield in Great Britain. Thanks to the partnership with Pi Labs and the presence in Second Home, we found ourselves in the center of an incipient technological sector in London. New opportunities of establishing cooperation and contacts by ourselves and our clients will change the rules of the game in the whole industry.

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