A method for autumn

Decrease in activity? Less ideas? Lack of motivation? You may have the autumn blues! Look how quick you can overcome it!

The autumn does not favor well-being, thus creativity and effectiveness. According to PAYBACK Opinion Poll survey, over a half of Poles complain about depression during this season. However – as experts convince – there are few ways to overcome autumn spirits. Very often people believe that the weather has an influence on them. They complain that they have less energy and lack of the sun causes the decrease in their work’s effectiveness. And indeed – they frequently start acting in such a way. Nevertheless, I suggest accepting things on which we do not have an impact, that is lack of the sun or rain – says Izabela Kielczyk, business psychologist, chairman in Pracownia Psychoterapii.


Seasonal depression is a common phenomenon in the world, especially in countries which are situated in the north. In autumn, shorter days and smaller amount of sunrays have an impact on the deterioration of well-being. However, an effective way to overcome depression is to relax or meet with a family or friends. Some people can get up early and run or exercise, the other may drink coffee slower or eat better breakfast in order to have an energy to work. In the morning we may think about different ways to take care of a better mood. Again, some people will watch something in the television, and some read a book – points out Izabela Kielczyk.


A good way to overcome the autumn blues is the activity which causes increase in the level of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine – happiness hormones which help to overcome worse well-being, energize, and enable better sleep. And even a simple walk is enough.


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It is also worth taking care of sound-proofing after work. Some people have difficulties with it, but everyone should try, even for a couple of minutes. All you need to do is to sit and do not think about anything else, turn off a laptop or a cell phone and spend some time with yourself. It is really relaxing – ensures Izabela Kielczyk.


Another way for an autumn overwhelming are sunbaths with the use of special lamps which imitate sunlight. Moreover, a good idea is to take a leave and go to the tropics. However, only holidays which last at least two weeks have an effective influence on our relaxation.

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