Strabag is increasing employment and turnovers

Astoria in Warsaw
Astoria in Warsaw
Thanks to improving margins, Strabag is planning to increase employment and stable development in the future years and it is also going to extend its portfolio of orders in all areas of construction.

We do not have defined aims of sales for the future years. We are interested in a stable increase, guarantee of stable margins and turnover at least on the level of ca. 1 billion euro annually – says Wojciech Trojanowski, member of the board in Strabag.A gradual and long-standing increase and being one of the leaders in each of those segments of the construction market are the most important facts for us.


Strabag will be functioning actively in four areas: road contracts (the company signed agreements on almost 2 billion zlotys this year), rail contracts, local government investments and cubature construction. The last area is supposed to generate even one-fourth of incomes in Strabag.


Those plans are related to increase in employment. Wojciech Trojanowski points out that the construction industry has been recently struggling with shortage of proper employees. We all have limited resources of qualified staff, that is why we have to take care of it – notices Trojanowski. – I think that we are going to increase employment in the area of technical, financial and administrative positions. We will also increase employment of manual workers in the following years.


The fact that there are more work places is also caused by the result of better margins. In the years 2012-2013 they were very low. Currently, as the member of the board in Strabag points out, they give some chance for a good income. We look enthusiastically on the following years because of the inflow of money to the infrastructure and private investments in various areas of a cubature construction – convinces Wojciech Trojanowski.


Projects of a public and private partnership will also have an impact on the market. They are supposed to replace the European Union means with time. I believe that the entering of a construction company into PPP projects, when the amount of building services totals less than 50 million zlotys, is too expensive – judges Trojanowski.


The division of risk between a constructor and a public ordering party has to be clearly defined at PPP design. The conditions of cooperation, in turn, have to be well determined on the beginning of the proceedings.


STRABAG Group entered into Polish market at the end of the 80s with the realization of a hotel and clerical project as well as LIM Center congressional center in Warsaw. The first own project which is being realized in Poland by the company is Astoria – an investment in Warsaw with the total space of 28 000 sq. m (17 600 sq. m of offices and 1400 sq. m intended for a commercial function).

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