Time for ETA

ETA building
This year, on the area of Business Park at Kraszewski Street in Bydgoszcz the building of a 7-tier ETA office is going to start.

The structure will arise from Grunwaldzka Street. According to the plan, it will be commissioned in the second quarter of 2015. The building will offer 5250 sq. m of modern office space intended for letting.


In the current year, a 6-tier DZETA office was commissioned. It offers 3500 sq. m of area designed as an open space, 2 elevators, electric supply secured by UPS and electric power generator. At present, the investor is in the course of building a 2-tier structure toward a restaurant with the area of 275 sq. m.


The commencement of the realization of the next project as a part of Business Park – TETA structure is planned on the IV quarter of the following year. There will be 4500 sq. m in the building occupied by i.a. a recreation park.


Business Park is located at Kraszewski 1 Street. Currently, it includes office buildings class A and B (ALFA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, EPSILON and DZETA) which jointly offer 25 000 sq. m of rentable area. In the complex there are also a car park with over 1030 parking places, monitoring, restaurant and kindergarten for children. Some companies decided to locate their registered offices in the complex. These are: Atos, Livingston Poland, EGB Investments SA, EFL, Bonair, Softmaks, Pramerica, Bioscience, Ezet, Przedszkole Akademia Motylek, ARiMR, ODR, Pauza Restaurant, Strabag, Provident, CCS or Emocni.

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