Construction mister

Green Office, pic
View from a terrace
A competition titled Construction Mister – Inowrocław was held in Inowrocław. A commercial and office Green Office building won among newly built structures.

7 structures took part in the competition – four of them were competing in the category titled „newly built buildings” and three of them was on the list titled „adaptations, developments, renovations”. The competitive chapter, led by a president of Inowrocław – Ryszard Brejza, made a choice on 30th October. On 7th November, in turn, a festive gala was held in a foyer of Municipal Theatre. The investors of the victorious structures in both categories received a cash prize in the amount of 5 000 zlotys and memorials made from bronze in order to place them on structures as well as statuettes and diplomas which were given to main designers and general contractors. 


Green Office is located at Bishop Antoni Laubitz and offers commercial and office areas. In the central part of the structure on the level of the floor there is an observation deck and both wings of the building are decorated with green roofs. The dome plays a function of architectural dominant hung over the central part, whereas the elevation reflects the panorama of the city thanks to the usage of glass. The investor of the property is FHU „OSKAR” Przemysław Nowicki from Inowrocław, the main designer – Wojciech Arczyński from WA Studio Architectural Studio from Inowrocław, and general contractor – ALSTAR Construction Group Sp. z o.o. sp. k.


Przystań Kajakowo-Żeglarska ZHR won in „adaptations, developments, renovations" category which is located in a built structure at Noteć which has been recently comprehensively modernized.

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