ECO SkyRes already in the clouds

SkyRes Warszawska
Realization of 14 tier is being continued on the construction site
The first large-space office in Rzeszów has already reached the highest tier.

Developres company is realizing the first modern office in Rzeszów aimed at tenants from BPO/SSC sector. Currently works on the building of the last fourteen tier are being continued. Moreover, the works concerning elevation and façade of the structure have also started. The envisaged timeline of elevation works is planned on February 2015.


At the beginning of the following year the installation will be held. We would like to close the building from the bottom in order to start sanitary and electric works as well as installation of elevators soon – confirms Artur Rysz, Director for Properties in Developres.


There will be 25 648 sq. m of total space in SkyRes Warszawska, 19 988 sq. m of which will be occupied by modern offices class A designed in open space system, entirely intended for letting. The building will be realized in accordance with principles of sustainable construction. It was registered in LEED and BREEAM certification systems.


Moreover, in the 14-tier building there will be 12 office floors, ground floor with a spacious lobby, reception and canteen, garage for motor as well as electric cars and cycles with special changing-rooms and showers prepared to meet demands of cyclists.


SkyRes Warszawska is located at the crossroads of Warszawska and Lubelska Streets. Currently design works on another office building of SkyRes Lubelska are being continued.

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