A building of a new office is planned in the centre of Lublin

The design of the building from J. Karski and Spokojna Streets – option I
The Orion office from Wieniawska and J. Karski Streets – option I
The Orion company is going to build an office in the centre of Lublin. The structure will offer 20 000 sq. m of office space, 14 000 of which will be occupied by the local government.

The investment will be located on an empty square of Wieniawska, Jan Karski, Spokojna and Jerzy de Tramecourt Streets. The frontage from Spokojna Street, with reference to historical building of a province office, will have 4 floors. From Wieniawska Street, in turn, where high buildings dominate, the city allowed 7 levels. Moreover, there will be three underground tiers in the building, which will be intended to car park offering ca. 300 of parking places and archive.


There is no knowing who will occupy another 6000 sq. m. However, as Jacek Ginalski, assistant manager for building of the Orion partnership, admits, due to a convenient location, the building arouses a great interest of private companies as well as public institutions.


Lublin BLM (Bieńkowski, Lis, Mierzchwa) studio is responsible for an architectural design of the office. The final investment project has not been chosen yet, although it is known that the facade of the building will be decorated with glass elements, and two entrances will be leading to it – from Spokojna and Wieniawska Streets. Currently, the elaboration of a conceptual design is being prepared. The building of a structure will start in the first quarter of 2015, and its completion is envisioned for 2016.


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