National Stadium filled with tenants

Office in National Stadium
Office in National Stadium
From over 15 000 sq. m of usable area available on the National Stadium, there are only 100 meters left.

National Stadium combines a sport and entertainment arena, office and service space, Conference Center for over 2000 people, Business Club and 65 lodges. Moreover, there are 1800 underground parking places commissioned at users disposal and great number of aboveground places located on the common of the Stadium.


The tenants of the offices in the structure are representatives of various industries. First and foremost, the National Stadium is a combination of prestige with a modern office. The place is well recognizable and well connected. It is confirmed by the fact that this structure was chosen by such various companies. These are representatives from modern technologies, architectural studios, marketing agencies and sport unions. Additional asset of this place is practically unlimited number of places in the underground garage and the aboveground places on the common of the National Stadium – comments Mateusz Strzelecki from Walter Herz commercial property agency which is the only agent of the Stadium. 


The structure offers modern technical solutions to its tenants. Furthermore, its big advantage is recognition on the map of Warsaw and very attractive location in close proximity to railway station and second line of metro. There are also numerous stops of bus and trolley lines in the neighborhood of the Stadium. When we were choosing our new Warsaw registered office, we paid a special attention to modern technical solutions applied in the Stadium. It is a crucial issue for us because our company delivered innovative installation solutions of KAN-therm System applied in this structure – says representative of Polish producer – emphasizes one of the tenants, Grzegorz Lach, Commercial Chairman of Poland in KAN company.  


Małgorzata Małolepsza, Project Manager from Nanovo Media Sp. z o.o. company, believes that an unique character of a place is very important: the National Stadium is well connected with the whole Warsaw. It is crucial for our employees and clients who do not have problems with reaching our headquarters. Moreover, an immediate accessibility to this area was an important aspect for us. The Stadium is a prestigious place for our activity and development.


The tenants of the National Stadium may also benefit from the access to special attractions and facilitations. The letting of the area in such an unique place as the National Stadium enables the participation in stadium events, usage of a rich infrastructure and organization of one and only business meetings. These unusual possibilities allow to conduct the whole commercialization process of the area in a very efficient way, thanks to which the Stadium was commercialized in nearly 100 per cent within a year – says Katarzyna Staniszewska, Senior Manager for Commercialization in PL2012+ company which is the operator of the Stadium.

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