New signatories of Porozumienie dla Bezpieczeństwa w Budownictwie

Another two enterprises – Erbud SA and Unibep SA – joined the group of general contractors aiming at elimination of fatal accidents at Polish construction sites.

Porozumienie dla Bezpieczeństwa w Budownictwie is an unformal group of leading companies of general contracting on the Polish market, which was founded in 2010. The organization has gathered eight companies so far: Bilfinger Berger, Budimex, Hochtief Polska, Mostostal Warszawa, Mota-Engil Central Europe, Polimex Mostostal, Skanska and Warbud. Moreover, two construction companies, that is Erbud SA and Unibep SA, jointed the group of signatories on 5th February 2015. The enterprises will support the agreement in activities aiming at improvement in safety in the construction industry.


The reasons for joining the group of Porozumienie are enumerated by the Management in Erbud: Erbud SA is one of the biggest construction companies in Poland. The achievement of this position was possible thanks to a stable development, quality and timeliness concerning realization of projects as well as implementation and maintenance of the highest standards in the area of work safety. As a signatory of Porozumienie dla Bezpieczeństwa w Budownictwie, we count on exchange of experience between Partners and development of common and as high as possible safety standards.


We have been striving for the work safety on our construction sites to be a business card of the whole Unibep S.A. Group. We realize that it is a priority not only to our, but also to the whole industry. We want to develop common and good practices by joining the group of Porozumienie dla Bezpieczeństwa w Budownictwie. The life is a superior value in our work. Every success is owed to a man. No matter of the fact, in which industry he works, he just has to be safe. Each potential saving of life on the construction site will be a success for all of us. Therefore, let develop together the highest safety standards on the construction sites. We can do more together! – explains Managment in Unibep partnership in the announcement.


We are very glad that Erbud and Unibep joined Porozumienie. We are open to other companies which will be implementing high safety standards propagated by Porozumienie in the building trade – comments Dariusz Blocher, Chairman of the Board in Budimeks SA, who is currently performing a presidency in Porozumienie dla Bezpieczeństwa w Budownictwie. – Each new member increases the scope of introduced changes on the construction market – adds Dariusz Blocher.


The activity of Porozumienie is concentrated on the group of signatories, who hire over 20 thousand of employees and realized several thousands of contracts on the area of the whole country, as well as on the numerous group of subcontractors, who constitute not more than 70 per cent of forces realizing a certain investment.


Moreover, the support of some organizations is also crucial in aiming at increasing the work safety in the construction industry. It includes such trades as: Główny Inspektor Pracy, National Labor Inspectorate, Polski Związek Inżynierów i Techników Budownictwa, Polski Związek Pracodawców Budownictwa, Związek Zawodowy „Budowlani”, Sekretariat Budownictwa i Przemysłu Drzewnego NSZZ “Solidarność” and Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers. Furthermore, another institutions joined the group of Porozumienie in autumn 2014: Social Insurance Institution and Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Pracowników Służby BHP.


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