Cracow Allegro already functions

The activity of a new Allegro office in Cracow was inaugurated on 5th February. Several dozen specialists from the area of new technologies like mobile solutions, e-commerce platform or big data will be able to find a job there.

Cracow office will be the fifth headquarters of Allegro in Poland – after Poznań, Warsaw, Wrocław and Toruń. The leader of the team is Wojciech Burkot – Chief Technology Officer in Allegro, an engineer with many years of experience who supervised IT works of Google in Poland in the past. The opening of the office in Cracow constitutes a part of a new strategy of Allegro which aims at delivering the best tools to a wide understood commerce in the Internet.


The decision about opening another office in the capital of Little Poland resulted in the fact that it is a city with the greatest potential for the sector of advanced technologies in Poland. It is confirmed by 40 per cent growth in the number of companies functioning in this area which was observed in Cracow in the years 2009-2013. Moreover, common universities as well as technical universities, which function in Cracow, contribute to the fact that they are 2 thousand more graduates from IT specializations every year. The society of companies in modern technologies and people interested in IT technologies co-create numerous technological events in the region and actively participate in the attraction of new players on the market.


Allegro is a participant, sponsor and patron of many events in the area of IT, such as hackathons, startup weekends and industry conferences. We believe that strong societies of IT are important in the development of local environments because they create work places and increase the potential of entrepreneurs as well as employees from different regions. We are going to conduct such activities also in Cracow. Therefore, we organized for the opening a meeting of computer programmers who will focus on issues from the area of Big Data – comments Przemysław Budkowski, VP Marketplaces CEE in Naspers Group, the member of which is i.a. Allegro.


Allegro is still carrying out a recruitment process to a Cracow office.  

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