Nestlé hires over 700 people till the end of 2016

In Europe, five million people who are not older than 25 years old do not have a job and programs aimed at employment of young people are taken on EU level as well as in particular countries. More and more often even companies are becoming engaged in them, i.a. Nestlé concern.

We offered almost 700 working places to people in Poland who wanted to take a job, internship or traineeship, and we managed to choose 235 of them. Till 2017, we are planning to hire jointly 760 employees. Therefore, we may boast about a great success in tackling unemployment – comments Mariola Raudo, director for recruitment and HR business partner in Nestlé Poland.


According to „European Youth Employment Initiative – Nestlé needs YOUth” published in 2013 by Nestlé, the company would like to offer a possibility of employment within the nearest three years to 20 thousand Europeans who are under the age of 30. The half of them is supposed to receive a proposition of work, whereas the rest of them – offers of traineeships and internships. We are very glad about the sympathy concerning this initiative and the fact that many government as well as non-government institutions, student organizations and other entities would like to engage in this project – convinces Mariola Raudo. – A lot of institutions report readiness to support and cooperate with us. We are really satisfied with such a great openness.


Nestlé is also an initiator of Alliance for Youth, to which several significant concerns like Axa companies, EY, Facebook and Google joined last year. Totally, the enterprises are supposed to offer 100 thousand work places, traineeships and internships to young people. No one sticks strictly to the plans which were only assumptions. We do as much as the objectives allow us to do – points out Raudo.


According to data of Eurostat European Statistical Office, the unemployment rate in the Euro zone totaled 11,4 per cent in December 2014 against 11,5 per cent in November and 9,9 per cent in the whole EU. The unemployment among people under the age of 25 amounted to 21,4 per cent in all countries of the European Union. Hence, it concerned almost five millions of people in the same age. The statistics are the worst in Spain and Greece, where ca. 50 per cent of young people do not have a job.


Those who apply for a job or intern in our company are people with a great initiative and full of ideas which concern not only their own development but also improvement of the whole organization – points out director for recruitment and HR business partner in Nestlé Poland. Raudo emphasizes that the main cause of problems which concern young people on the labor market is incompatibility with program assumptions of schools to expectations of employers. The graduates do not have proper competences and technical knowledge. First and foremost, this problem concerns graduates from arts subjects who have to adjust their competences to expectations of the market. The humanists start to look for their routes, therefore – we also take such faculties into consideration – ensures Raudo. – We are talking about ways of developing soft competences and ways of helping such people to find themselves on the labor market which is more and more often directed to very expert and occupational faculties.


Ca. five thousand people work in the concern in Poland.

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