Forgotten tenement houses are back in style

Różany Pałacyk before renovation, source: Street View - Google Maps
The decorations inside the building
The modernization of Łódź tenement house, which is located at Zielona 18 Street, is being realized. The ground floor fabric residence will be fully intended for service functions.

This realization is different from foregoing ones in „Mia100 Kamienic" project because we will not intend those rooms for residential purposes. Moreover, the tenement house is characterized by an extremely rich interior, beautiful polychromies and moldings – points out Hanna Zdanowska president of Łódź.


The impact of neoclassical art together with the beginnings of secession are noticeable in the decoration of interiors. Moreover, special ceiling decorations draw attention – acanthuses, gilding and so called illusory paintings which are characteristic for the turnover of the XVII and XIX centuries. The greatest surprise was a room, in which the remains of original paints point out that it was arranged in a Venice aesthetics – bright, vivid colors which are very rarely found in palaces in Łódź. At present, the boards with flower motives are being reconstructed.


We are reproducing colors and reconstructing shortcomings. Fortunately, the decorations were not devastated so much, because they were covered with a paper before a final painting. The problem was a collapsed ceiling but we managed to lift it without damaging a molding – comments Aldona Albrych, who is going to conduct restoration works at Zielona Street.


Mia100 Kamienic" (Miasto Kamienic) project envisages restoration of a former glare of Łódź by revitalization of historical tenement houses from the turnover of XIX and XX centuries. The vast majority of them were not renovated and works usually include all buildings – from cellars to roofs. The window and door frames as well as ceilings are replaced, elevations, gates and staircases are renewed. The overwhelming majority of structures is connected to a municipal heating network. Furthermore, the program cooperates with i.a. Voivodeship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Łódź which co-finances the part of investments and Dalkia SA – a supplier of heat energy for renovated tenement houses.


120 structures from 170 buildings which are involved in this program have been renovated so far. Their renovation amounted to ca. 180 million zlotys and the total budget of City of Łódź, which is intended for works, constitutes over 210 million zlotys.

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