Glass office or social welfare home and minor investment?

„Spichrz” by Jagba - Own work. GFDL lincence on the basis of Wikimedia Commons -
„Spichrz” by Jagba - Own work. GFDL lincence on the basis of Wikimedia Commons -
Several weeks ago, a controversial issue concerning development plans of a garden which is owned by Warsaw Daughters of Charity was present in the media. The Daughters decided to make a statement about this matter.

Gazeta Wyborcza informed that the order is planning to build a modern office and housing estate for the total price of 100 million zlotys and it warned against demolition of a centuries-old garden – one of not many undeveloped places in the center of Warsaw (the order is located at Tamka 35 Street which is included in the „Foksal” Spatial Development Plan).


The Daughters decided to explain themselves in a special announcement published on their website: It is not true that we are running a developer activity – one may read in the statement. According to it, a part of the garden is supposed to be developed in order to construct a Building for Helping People at the Risk of Social Exclusion, in which people in need will be able to learn, benefit from medical and social care, legal consulting as well as obtain occupational qualifications. The main aim of this new functioning center will be a rehabilitation of those people so that they will be fully operational in the society and motivate them to tackle homelessness.


In other paragraphs there is an argument that a planned activity, including renovation of buildings, needs much more financial means than those which are granted by state institutions or donors. Moreover, the Daughters comment on website that some part of the monastic areas, which occupy 5 ha, will be intended for residential and service development with the area of 1,1 ha and the money obtained from it will allow to finance a social activity.


The Daughter Marianna Leszczyńska pointed out that the order is not planning a development or a scarp as well as garden on a scarp and new structures will not be located around the monastery, which is confirmed by application submitted to the Plan by the Daughters of Charity concerning protection of greenery on the scarp. The planned development, i.a. social welfare home and kindergarten is supposed to refer to the character of architecture concerning development of the monastery and envisaged functions and rates of development are consistent with the Stage of conditions and directions of a land development in the city.


According to Daughters, we should not expect a new office on the monastic area. However, we will probably find out within few years how this area will be developed.  

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