ECO Topping-out of Olivia Six

Topping-out of Olivia Six building
Topping-out of Olivia Six
The topping-out ceremony concerning another building realized within Olivia Business Center complex was held on 16th February 2015. The building has been systematically developed since 2010.

The building of Olivia Six started at the beginning of 2014. At present, the finishing works are being realized. The structure will be commissioned in accordance with a schedule – that is in the first half of the year. It will deliver nearly 19 000 sq. m of office area which will make OBC complex the largest business center in Poland with 78 000 sq. m.


Many modern solutions were applied in Olivia Six which will certainly reduce exploitation costs and increase the work comfort of residents. Due to used materials and technological solutions, the building will be still modern in many years’ time – says Jerzy Oskroba, Chairman in Olivia Business Center.


OBC will be still developing. The building permit concerning construction of two next offices have been already given.


The buildings are important but talents are more valuable. We have a lot of them in our region, which is a great asset for investors. Therefore, we are working together with universities and authorities on making our city the best place to work and live. We are creating a special and nationwide project in Gdańsk – a business district located in the very heart of the Metropolis – says Maciej Grabski, Chairman in OBC.


Olivia Business Center will include office areas, 2 conference halls, kindergarten, medical center, chemistry’s, restaurant, café, sushi bar, shop, 3 banks, notary public’s office and a great number of parking places. Moreover, residents in OBC will also have a possibility to participle in sport leagues and many cultural and social events.


Olivia Business Center is located in Gdańsk Oliwa district. The complex is situated in the city center at Grunwaldzka Avenue – the main communicational artery which connects the whole Tricity. The commissioned buildings: Olivia Gate, Olivia Point & Olivia Tower and Olivia Four surrounds a patio – a square with greenery and fountains.


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