5000 sq. m of offices in the center of Cracow

Building of the second stage of Lubicz Brewery
Building of the second stage of Lubicz Brewery
The second stage of the building of Lubicz Brewery is currently being realized.

The works gain momentum due to forthcoming warming. The second stage of works is realized in ca. 12 per cent. The building of underground garages under all planned buildings is coming to a close. At present, 80 per cent of all works have been already performed. Moreover, there will be 176 parking places under the developments.


A small office building „G” is being realized within the second stage of Lubicz Brewery. The first floor has been already finished. As a target, the structure is supposed to reach the height of five tiers delivering 5189 sq. m of area. The brick elevation of the building provides good isolation and signs itself into a character of a maintained industrial development.


The works in residential buildings are being continued at the same time. The residential structure „F” has just reached the height of the second floor. Another four buildings are going to arise within this stage. They will have four or five floors and 163 apartments with two or three rooms.


The author of the architectural project of a new development is Cracow MOFO Architekci studio, whereas the general contractor of the investment is Warbud company. The commission of the whole complex is planned on the third quarter of 2016. 


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