Treimorfa – in search for a general contractor

View from the last floor in Treimorfa
The result of the history concerning Cracow Skeletor seems to be a foregone conclusion. The conceptional works are going on after gaining a valid building permit.

After many problems last year, the investors of GD&K Group and Verity Development succeeded in gaining a valid building permit in place of a former NOT office. The Voivodeship Office dismissed motions concerning development and restrictive fire requirements. At present, the preparations of a tender design as well as selection of General Contractor are being conducted.  


Treimorfa Science and Technology Congress Center will be composed of five buildings intended for office, hotel, residential and commercial functions. The total area of the complex will amount to ca. 85 000 sq. m. Skeletor will be the main structure of the investment developed on the construction with the height of 100 meters.


It was announced in 1968 that the office of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations located in Cracow Grzegórzki district will be built in accordance with a project of architect Zdzisław Arcta. The building started in 1975. Probably no one expected that unfinished structure will be present till this day, known as Skeletor.


At present, the date of commencement and completion of the building of Treimorfa is not known. 


The authors of the project are architects from DDJM studio. 


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