Next stage of Alchemia building in Gdańsk

The topping-out ceremony of the second stage of Alchemia was held on 6th March in Gdańsk
The topping-out ceremony of the second stage of Alchemia was held on 6th March in Gdańsk
The topping-out ceremony concerning the second stage of Alchemia complex was held on 6th March in Gdańsk.

Two towers, that is Ferrum and Titanium, will be combined with each other with the use of a four-tier base within the second stage of Alchemia. The buildings with six and eight floors will deliver over 21 000 sq. m of office area and 4000 sq. m of service area, on which i.a. kindergarten with own greenstone, medical center and commercial and service part will be located. The kindergarten will be situated on the third level, whereas the terrace with a playground – on the fourth level. All areas located on the zero as well as first and third levels are intended for service activity. Moreover, the car parks will be located on five levels – on the first, second and third ones and also on two underground floors. The complex will offer facilitations for bicyclists.


The commercialization of the investment is currently being conducted. At present, we have no signed agreements concerning the letting of area of the second stage of Alchemia but Torus is a participant of processes which may include almost the whole complex. However, the operator of the kindergarten was selected. The building will hold 80 children. Moreover, we are also conducting advanced talks with the operator of medical center – says Maciej Brożek, chairman for commercialization in Torus company.


The first stage of the building delivered 16 700 sq. m of office area. At present, it is occupied in almost 95 per cent. The construction of Gdańsk Alchemia started at the end of 2011. The official commencement of the first stage was held in January last year. Furthermore, there is also a public recreation and sport center located in the complex which occupies nearly 4600 sq. m.


The investor of Alchemia, that is Torus company, is planning the building of the third stage of the complex and the fourth conception – As regards our future plans, we are currently at the stage of designing the third phase of Alchemia, which is going to be realized at the crossroads of Grunwaldzka Avenue and Kołobrzeska Street and conceptional designing of the fourth stage, which will be located in place of an existing G413 building – says Brożek.


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