Office in a farm

Plan of the investment located at Opacka Street - visualization
The design architecturally refers to a historical building from the XVIII-XIXth century
The Doraco Sp. z o.o. Construction Corporation from Gdańsk is currently realizing an office project referring to an economic development, that is Folwark Opacki from the XVIII-XIXth century.

The Doraco Sp. z o.o. Construction Corporation is realizing an architectural project at Opacka Street in Gdańsk Oliwa district. The design refers to the development from the XVIII-XIXth century. The complex includes the Saltzmann Manor founded in 1760, also known as the Gardener’s Manor. Moreover, four office buildings class A are being realized around the manor which was renovated in 2012. The first stage of the construction ended in June 2014, whereas the works concerning the second stage of the investment are currently being conducted and their completion is planned on August 2015. The complex will jointly deliver nearly 5000 sq. m of office area. The complement of the investment is a vast courtyard with beautiful gardens and rich flora.


The architectural design was consulted and confirmed by the Civic Preservationist.


The history of the Saltzmann Manor is dated back to 1760. The building was ordered by Jacek Rybiński – an abbot in the Cistercian monastery. The first user of the structure was a known gardener, that is Kazimierz Dębiński and then – a gardener Johann George Nicolas Saltzmann since 1794. Furthermore, the property was purchased by the Saltzmann family in 1854 and it realized new residential and technical buildings. After the Second World War, the mansion was taken over by the Public Treasury and it was used by i.a. Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Ogrodniczych.


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