PKP and Poczta Polska invest together

Pałac Wołodkowiczów located in the center of Cracow is one of the properties put up for sales by Poczta Polska
Pałac Wołodkowiczów located in the center of Cracow is one of the properties put up for sales by Poczta Polska
The partnerships signed a letter of intent concerning cooperation at development of a property within developer projects.

PKP SA and Poczta Polska SA are one of the biggest owners of properties in Poland. The cooperation between them will concern realization of developer projects on the areas owned by the partnerships. The future activities are aimed at increase in the potential of properties and their more effective development.


The signed declaration concerns area at Warszawa Główna station, Warsaw – Chmielna Street and Gdynia Międzytorze. The commencement of three investments is planned on 2017-2018. Moreover, the cooperation between PKP and Poczta Polska at developer projects may be even greater in the future. The partnerships are planning to analyze owned properties in terms of similar investments in the following years. First and foremost, the needs of local community and business potential of the location will be taken into consideration in the process of selection.


The grounds included in the development plan are owned by both partnerships. Therefore, the cooperation in that area will allow to realize even larger and more interesting investments – explains Jarosław Bator, member of the board in PKP SA. – We use our foregoing experience in conducting developer projects with different investors while establishing cooperation with Poczta Polska. At present, 16 projects of this kind are being realized and planned and their total value amounts to ca. 4,66 billion euro.


Poczta Polska is open to different solutions of an optimal development of its properties. The cooperation in that area with PKP SA, which is our neighbor in many places, and the experience in realization of developer projects are really intresting for us – emphasizes Mariusz Zarzycki, member of the board in Poczta Polska SA.


Poczta Polska has many unused properties on the area of the whole country which are intended for sales or letting. The offers are to be found on the website of Poczta Polska.


The cooperation between PKP SA and Poczta Polska SA is noticeable not only in case of developer projects. The tickets for connections which are being realized by PKP Intercity have been available in 37 chosen places in 3 voivodeships since February this year. The ticket sale of that carrier in departments of the post office is a pilot project envisaged for 3 months.


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