PKP and Xcity negotiate with IMMOFINANZ

Warszawa Główna - visualization
Warszawa Główna includes realization of an office, residential as well as recreation and sport development
PKP SA and Xcity Investement selected a developer with whom they are going to conduct further negotations concerning a development of area in Warszawa Główna. The conception reported by Immofinanz Group envisages creation of a modern area with diverse buildings.

The investment, which includes realization of an office, residential as well as recreation and sport development, is going to be realized on ca. 10-hectare large area in the city center of Warsaw in the neglected part of the city. According to conception prepared by Immofinanz Group, the modern development will be combined with elements of a former Warsaw. The shopping mall will integrate traditional streets with a modern closed areaway, whereas the renovated building of a former railway station will be connected with a station and multi-level car park intended for passenger cars which will be built above existing lines. The second car park, which is located under the ground, will be accessible from Kolejowa Street. Additionally, the restoration of rail traffics in the neighborhood of a currently closed station is being planned.


Moreover, a modern office complex with two high towers is going to be realized on the area of Warszawa Główna. The investor is planning to create green recreation areas on the roofs of the future buildings, whereas a residential development which harmonizes with a newly founded and planned housing estate in that part of the city will be located in the western part.  


The appraised value of the project amounts to ca. 700 euro. Furthermore, the planned commencement of the investment is envisaged on the years 2017-2018. The conception of a new development concerning the areas of Warszawa Główna combines tradition with modernity – says Jarosław Bator, member of the board in PKP SA. We are going to restore the railway functions, which have been present there before, and at the same time we would like to complete them by new ones which are going to make that area even more attractive for both travelers and inhabitants of Warsaw – adds Bator.


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