Premises for creative people

The XIIIth edition of the event organized by the City of Łódź – „Premises for creative people” has just ended. There were almost 30 premises intended for lease in the city center.

The Premises for creative people competition enabled 9 creative people and innovative enterprises to find a headquarters located in the city center. The greatest interest among 29 available premises aroused offices situated at Piotrkowska Street. The ones with the numbers 17, 113, 115, 132 and 134 were quickly rented by tenants.


The creative activity will be conducted by such enterprises as:  

  • Niezła Sztuka – Foundation for Promoting Art,
  • Autograf s.c. Home stagig „lifting nieruchomości”,
  • Centrum Bezpieczeństwa Ruchu Drogowego,
  • Institute for Development and Education,
  • Architekci Dominik Tamborski,
  • Jacek Olejniczak – Red Monkeys artistic studio,
  • Daria Czuma – studio of artistic confectionary bakings,
  • Lux Pro Monumentis Foundation,
  • Ceramics, gallery, exhibitions, design.

The public writing tender was organized by the City of Łódź and it concerned the amount of rent of business premises. The bid amount of rent does not include VAT, property tax and exploitation costs. The adaptation works are performed by tenants at their own expenses.


The Office for the City of Łódź announces that the recruitment to the XIVth edition of the Premises for creative people program will start in June.  


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