Monopolis Summer Stage

Modern investments do not only create an urban structure but they also become a place of cultural events. The example is an outdoor theatre at Monopolis situated in Łódź.

Restoration of the historical buildings of the former Vodka Monopoly in Łódź is being executed by Virako. Developer of this investment invites the inhabitants of Łódź to the next edition of Monopolis Summer Stage. Entrance is free.

Our investments create both urban and social structure, thus the cultural activity is very strongly associated with the strategy of Virako. It is the human who assesses our work, so the new space has to be felt and understood by them. Monopolis is a very special project with whom the inhabitants feel emotionally connected due to its history and with whom they have hopes for the future. That is why I am inviting all people once again to celebrate the summer months together with Monopolis Summer Stage – says Krzysztof Witkowski, Chairman of the Board, Virako.

The first performance is behind us. This was a one-man show of the Polish Theatre performed by Andrzej Seweryn, titled “Shakespeare Forever”. The second performance is titled “Wonderful Therapy” and directed by the Theatre of Michał Maćkowiak Foundation (on July 17, 2018). This cycle will end with a performance of Teatr Kamienica under the direction of Emilian Kamiński (the end of August).

Monopolis Summer Stage fits the business philosophy of Virako. Its goal is to create multi-use public spaces. Virako is a local company that values its city of origin. Undoubtedly, Łódź is an incredible place with many great artists and respected authors, including the field of theatre. Thus, we would like to exceed the expectations of our spectators and we invited the theatre in Łódź to cooperate with us this year – says Krzysztof Witkowski. 

Entrance is free. Tickets can be collected within a time limit specified by Organizer at the reception desk in Forum 76, Business Center at Piłsudskiego 76 Street in Łódź. The number of passes is limited and they will be handed in a chronological order.


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