Film about Symetris

Symetris Business Park
Symetris Business Park
Echo Investment prepared a film which presents a new investment located in the center of Łódź – Symetris Business Park.

Echo Investment presented its new investment on 28th May 2015. It is a completely changed conception of an office project planned at Piłsudskiego 86 Avenue in Łódź. The complex was named Symetris Business Park and it is being realized in two stages. There will be 19 000 sq. m of office space located in it. The areas will be equipped with modern technological solutions, i.a. high class telecomputer networks as well as security, monitoring and access control systems. The realization of the first stage – which is currently being conducted – will be completed in the first quarter of 2016. The value of the investment amounts to ca. 100 million zlotys.


We invite you to watch a film presenting the investment – its conception, architecture and course of works.  


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