Comarch opens a new department in Tarnów

IT company from Cracow – Comarch SA – is opening a new department in Tarnów. Initially, it is going to hire ca. 50 people but this number may increase in the future.

Barbara Waszkiewicz, chairman of Sales Center in Comarch SA, informed that the new production department will be mainly engaged in devising innovative IT solutions in two areas of specialization, that is eZdrowie and SmartCity. 


The official opening of this new department is planned at the turn of August and September this year. Then, ca. 50 people will start working there. Moreover, the doubled employment is planned in the second stage. It all depends on development of markets for which the software will be prepared in Tarnów – pointed out the company's representative.


First and foremost, computer scientists, programmers and analysts will be hired in the new department. The Cracow company cooperates with Tarnów magistracy in the process of recruitment and it participates in i.a. job fair organized there. The partnership would like to devise and test IT solutions together with the authorities of Tarnów in the area of Miasto Zdrowia and Inteligentne Miasto. Tarnów is a city which is now implementing innovative solutions from this area – judged B. Waszkiewicz.


Comarch is a producer and deliverer of modern IT systems used in such industries as telecommunication, finances, banking and insurance, trade and services, IT infrastructure, public administration, industry, health service as well as in the sector of small and medium enterprises. The company is also conducting external activities in over 40 countries all over the world. In Poland, it owns departments in 13 cities.   


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