PKP plans a novelty – systemic railway stations

Visualization of a seasonal railway station, PKP
Seasonal railway station, PKP
A railway station functioning only during intensified passenger traffic, for instance, in a summer season. Such solution is currently being prepared by PKP SA.

Innovative Systemic Railway Stations is a new conception of PKP which envisages building of seasonal and small module structures with a waiting room, service premises and covered shelter. The first railway stations will be realized in the summer season 2017 in Jurata, Jastarnia and Kuźnica. The estimated cost of a single railway station amounts to ca. 1 million zlotys and it includes design and construction works as well as building control. The first works will start at the turn of 2016/2017.


Seasonal railway stations will be a response to needs of numerous Poles travelling in the holiday period – claims Jarosław Bator, Member of the Board, PKP SA. – In small tourist cities – where the passenger traffic is really small out of the season – the maintenance of big structures is expensive. Seasonal railway stations provide travelers with a necessary infrastructure and they are much cheaper in building and maintenance.


Innovative Systemic Railway Stations are a pilot project of PKP which envisages demolition of existing railway stations and realization of new and smaller structures in place of them. These are supposed to be compact and one-storied buildings realized from pre-fabricated elements and in accordance with a standard pattern adjusted to a concrete location by designing of details. Thanks to former analyses of commercial potential, railway stations will be also better developed and adjusted to needs of local societies.  


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