Development of Lubicz Brewery

Lubicz Brewery - building of the second stage
Lubicz Brewery - building of the second stage
The second stage of investment which is currently being realized by Balmoral Properties in the city center of Cracow is becoming a modern and multifunctional complex.

The residential, office and commercial Lubicz Brewery complex is being realized at Lubicz Street in the neighborhood of Galeria Krakowska – in place of a recently closed and neglected area of a former brewery. Thanks to the investor, the area will be soon vibrant with life. At present, Balmoral Properties is continuing development of the complex. Within the second stage of Lubicz Brewery, an office building with the area of 4236 sq. m will be realized as well as other four residential structures with a divided zone for service premises which will occupy 995 sq. m.


The biggest progress of works is noticeable in the residential building "F" and the office building "G" in which the general contractor has already finished construction works at the building of the last floors. The progress of works is also noticeable in the residential buildings: "C" – third tier is being realized, "D" – fourth tier is being realized and "E" sixth tier is being realized.  


Within the first stage of the Cracow investment, Goetz Palace has been renovated as well as the buildings of a former brewery such as Portiernia, Susznia Słodu, Słodownia, Maszynownia and Kotłownia with a characteristic chimney. Totally, there are 4600 sq. m of commercial and 1900 sq. m of office areas occupied by i.a. Piotr i Paweł delicatessen, Consulate General of Hungary, headquarters of PKP BP, Codewise and Lubicz Brewery which is going to function as a restaurant brewery on the area of the complex.


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