Unibep does not build in Tiumeń

Visualization of the complex which was supposed to be built by Unibep in Tiumeń
Visualization of the complex which was supposed to be built by Unibep in Tiumeń
Unibep SA informed about termination of a contract under which it was supposed to build an office and apartment complex in Tiumeń in Russia.

A contract between Unibep SA and ordering party – OOO MPF Złote Klucze was concluded in April 2014. It was terminated on 30th June this year by means of a mutual agreement. The subject matter of the contract with the value of 140 million zlotys was realization of an office and apartment complex in the system of general contracting in Russian Tiumeń. The complex was supposed to be composed of two 8-tier apartments and 7-tier office offering ca. 16 300 sq. m of rentable area. The completion of the construction is planned on the fourth quarter of 2015.  


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The reason for termination of the agreement is lack of available financial means on the part of OOO MPF Złote Klucze for realization of the investment as well as limited possibilities of their obtainment. In effect of termination of the contract, the issuer will not fully realize the planned sales for this investment. The issuer does not envisage other financial consequences of termination of the agreement since both sides do not have any claims towards each other due to termination of the contract – informs the official announcement of Unibep SA.  


Unibep Group is present in segments of residential, industrial, public utility, sport and module construction. It conducts activity in Poland, Scandinavia, Germany and Eastern Europe. The consolidated incomes of Unibep reached 1 080 million zlotys in 2014. 


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