Warsaw Spire elevation is higher and higher

"I LOVE WARSAW" neon is dismantled, pic Ghelamco
Warsaw Spire, pic Ghelamco
A glass elevation of the 220-meter-high Warsaw Spire building reached the 31st floor. The montage of glass panels is currently on the level of the „KOCHAM WARSZAWĘ” neon which had to be dismantled. The installation will be soon bring back to the European Square.

The montage of a glass elevation on the Warsaw Spire skyscraper is progressing in a pace of a one floor per week. At present, glass panels reached the 31st floor whereas the construction of „wings” sticking out of the outline of steel installations – 40th floor. The works with elevation will end at the end of November this year. Along with montage of sub-construction and hanging on of the elevation’s glass panels, the construction, finishing and installation works are being conducted on other levels. Moreover, 15-meter-high bases of two steel spires (40 as a target) – with the weight of over 9 tons each – were mounted last week. The tower building will reach its total height of 220 meters together with montage of other elements of spires which are going to be placed on the building’s roof in autumn this year.


The colorful neon with the „I LOVE WARSAW” writing hung 140 meters above the ground was dismantled along with progressive works at heights. However – as the Ghelamco Sztuka w Mieście Foundation responsible for the initiative announces – the construction will be soon brought back to the European Square but in a different form. We are glad that the „I LOVE WARSAW” neon aroused such many positive emotions. The installation has been embedded in this part of the city within several months of its presence. Therefore, we would like the „I LOVE WARSAW”  headword to come back to the European Square. We hope that it will be also welcomed in its new form – says Malwina Pawłowska from Sztuka w Mieście Foundation. 


The skyscraper of the Warsaw Spire complex will reach the height of 49th tier and it will offer 60 000 sq. m. Furthermore, there will be two 15-floor buildings realized next to it. Each of them will offer 20 000 sq. m. At present – 9 months before commission – Warsaw Spire is commercialized in 60 per cent. The office functions of the complex will be completed by the European Square. The building of the Warsaw Spire complex and the European Square will be finished in April 2016.  


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