Polish Project Nominated For MIPIM Awards

source: partner's press materials
source: partner's press materials
Monopolis, a project executed by Virako, has just received a prestigious distinction. The author of the project is Rafał Grzelewski, who works for Grupa 5 Architekci. The winners will be selected on March 12, 2020, in Cannes.

Renowned Competition

It’s worth emphasizing that this is the highest rank event – MIPIM Awards are compared to Oscars and arouse great interest among the most important representatives of the real estate market: developers, architects, investment funds and banks. The competition has been organized since 1991. It gathers projects from all over the world; 228 investments from 45 countries were submitted to this year’s edition. The list of finalists includes a Polish project of Monopolis; it’s among 4 best investments in the category of multifunctional projects in the world. Regardless of the results, it may also receive the title of the best property of the year 2020 in Europe. This is a great distinction, especially that only 2 Polish projects have been awarded in this competition so far: the Warsaw Metropolitan office building in 2004 and Warsaw Spire in 2017.


Innovative Polish Investment

Monopolis is a project designed by Rafał Grzelewski (Grupa 5 Architekci) and executed by Virako. It was erected thanks to the revitalized areas after the former Vodka Monopoly, which dates back to 1902. There are currently an office part and a theatre operating within the investment and soon an areaway with restaurants, cafes, clubs for children and art gallery dedicated to the history of this place will be launched. There will be also 2 office buildings, a swimming pool and a fitness club in place of the former spirit warehouse. JLL is responsible for the commercialization process of Monopolis.

Krzysztof Witkowski, Chairman of Virako, sums up:

Łódź is my city and this is great news for me. Our city is becoming popular all over the world thanks to such projects as Monopolis. After-factory red brick is a unique value that creates an incredible atmosphere of Łódź. I’m really satisfied that our investment was recognized by the international jury. Monopolis is one of the most technologically advanced projects in the world. Łódź is a beautiful city that deserves prospective investments.

The results will be announced in 2 months.


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