The Warsaw Hub Is Getting Higher

The Warsaw HUB: Construction Works
The Warsaw HUB office complex towers over Daszyński Roundabout. This is the most technologically advanced and the largest project in the history of Ghelamco.

The Warsaw HUB office complex is a new investment in the southern and western part of Daszyński Roundabout. The construction works on three buildings and underground connector with the second line of metro are in progress.

The Warsaw HUB is the most technologically advanced and the largest project in the history of Ghelamco. The investment will offer lots of innovative solutions that aren’t available in current office buildings. I’m convinced that this project will bring a new quality to the Polish commercial market, just like Warsaw Spire – says Jarosław Zagórski, Director of Sales and Development at Ghelamco Poland.

The hotel tower A has already reached the height of 17 floors (22 as a target) and the elevation is currently being installed. The building of this construction will be completed in October this year. What's more, the office towers are higher and higher. Building B has 9 floors and the installation of ancones, on which elevation panels will be installed, is currently being carried out. The construction of building C includes works on the fifth floor. The completion of the entire complex is envisaged for the turn of 2019 and 2020.

The Warsaw HUB complex will comprise three skyscrapers as a whole: 86-meter-high hotel building A and two 130-meter-high office towers B and C. The investment will offer 113 000 sq. m of multi-use space. This is one of the first buildings in Warsaw that provides a direct connection with metro. Works on the underground connector between the skyscrapers of Ghelamco and platforms of the second line of metro started in August this year. The connector will lead to the shopping arcade, which has already been completed.


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