Get a FREE album “Biurowce w Polsce”

A Warsaw vista
A Warsaw vista
“Biurowce w Polsce” – a 2010 spring edition. The album in question is a cyclical and a unique publication dedicated to office spaces.

Are you looking for office? Get a FREE album “Biurowce w Polsce” – edycja wiosna 2010. This album is a cyclical and a unique publication focused at office spaces. It provides information regarding offices in Polish cities and is aimed at customers who look for new locations for their business.

Owing to detailed information, photos and visualisations our publication makes not only the process of selection of office spaces much easier but also it provides a quick and reliable comparison comparison of offers available at the market. The core part contains studies and analyses of the market prepared by experts in the real property market. Additionally the publication includes interviews and texts featuring interesting pieces of information concerning the market. The publication features also a range of products for companies. Do not hesitate? Order today!

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