The office space market prospers

Projections for the Office market are good owing to large tenants who are looking for new space at a reasonable price.

The future of the office market looks good, owing to large tenants who look for new space at a reasonable price. – informs DTZ.

In comparison to other real property sectors, the office space market thrives, and owing to the large tenants, looking for the new pace at a reasonable price the forecast for the future is positive. Last few months has brought the change in the level of rent as well as slow, but steady, increase in demand for office space. The aforementioned situation is mot likely a harbinger of the improvement in the office space market in Warsaw in 2011 and 2012, provided there will be the further economic growth. – As we read further.

Few new projects have been commenced through lat few months, which reflects the worldwide economic downturn – adds DTZ. The overall office space that will be put into use in 2010 in comparison to previous years is going to be significantly lower and will amount to 192 000 sqm. Developers plan to introduce 300 000 sqm of office space. However, the realistic scenario is the implementation of about 190-000 – 200 000 sqm. The main points of interest with the biggest amount of the new office space remain unchanged; those are Mokotów, Jerozolimskie Ave. as well as Śródmieście (the city centre). – reminds DTZ.

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