ECO PKP CARGO moves into A4 Business Park in autumn

A4 Business Park in Katowice
A4 Business Park in Katowice
PKP CARGO decided to move its registered offices from Cracow and Warsaw to Katowice in September this year. This change means a necessity for Cracow employees of a daily (free) commuting between two cities.

PKP CARGO Group performs 70 per cent of its business operations in Silesia, however, all offices located in that region function in different buildings. PKP also owns a quite large but neglected office in Cracow. The building and halls located in it are intended for sales in order to develop them within a developer project.


The A4 Business Park complex, which is currently being realized at Francuska Street by Echo Investment, will be composed of such units as Katowice head office of the partnership, headquarters of the PKP CARGO Southern Institution as well as other units of the company located in the Silesian Voivodship. Moreover, ca. 100 people who used to perform their duties in Cracow – including the manager staff – are going to start their work in this modern park. The consolidation of offices will also include a large part of the Warsaw head office.


PKP convinces that the change of location does not mean dismissals for employees from Cracow. All employed may count on free bus transport to Katowice. Moreover, the Employee Guarantee Treaty concerns 88 per cent of employees providing them with i.a. 4- or 10-year guarantees of employment. Furthermore, the employees also received shares of the partnership within PGP (packages with the average value of several thousand zlotys). The pay raises and bonuses were introduced in PKP CARGO last year.


The concentration of all activities of PKP CARGO in one location will enhance the internal communication as well as quality of activities related to customer service (there will be the main Customer Service Center located in Katowice) and performance of current activities of the company. The canvassing of AWT – a Czech carrier with a headquarters in Ostrava had an influence on decision about enhancement of the role of Katowice central office. Thanks to the presence in Katowice, PKP CARGO will be able to effectively connect industrial centers in Poland and Czech Republic and offer modern logistic solutions to the clients.


A4 Business Park is being realized at Francuska Street in Katowice in close proximity to the turning of the A4 motorway. The structure is surrounded by a well-developed chain of public transport – numerous bus stops and PKP station are located in the neighborhood. A4 Business Park is composed of three buildings. The realization of the first one with a cubature multilevel car park with 560 parking places was completed in the first quarter of 2014. The 7-tier building (9 000 sq. m) was totally rented by the IBM IT concern. Moreover, the other 10-tier structure with the total office area amounting to ca. 9 000 sq. m is currently being realized within the second stage of the investment. The A4 Business Park project was devised by the renowned DDJM architectural studio from Cracow.


PKP CARGO signed the lease agreement for 8000 sq. m of office area in the building B owned by A4 Business Park in Katowice in March 2015. It was one of the largest transactions in Katowice in recent years. 


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