ECO Business Garden Warszawa above the ground

Business Garden Warszawa - pic from the construction site
Business Garden Warszawa - pic from the construction site
The Business Garden Warszawa complex, which is being realized by Vastint Poland, reached the level „zero”. Eight months have passed since the commencement of construction works.

The second stage of Business Garden Warszawa is being realized at Żwirki i Wigury Street. The first construction works started in November 2014. At present, the project is above the ground and reaches the level of the ground floor. The completion of the realization is planned on the beginning of 2017.


The last element of the underground tier was a fragment of ceiling above the garage in the building 3. It was made a little bit earlier as it was envisaged in the construction schedule. However, it is worth mentioning that the elements of the tier +2 are being currently mounted in the most advanced construction site due to a cascade character of conducted works. The montage of the aboveground construction – made mostly from prefabricated elements – will have been conducted till December this year – says Wojciech Kłopocki, Project Manager from Vastint Poland which is the project’s developer.

The second stage of Warsaw Business Garden will be composed of five office buildings equipped with area intended for accompanying services. Their total leasable area will amount to ca. 56 000 sq. m. The investment is being realized in accordance with the requirements of the LEED Platinum certification. It will be characterized by a carefully designed garden occupying 60 per cent of the plot. The planned landscape architecture envisages creation of green roof, greenery with characteristic high grass, trees and bodies of water.


The completion of the „zero” level of the second stage in Business Garden was related to performance of ca. 11 000 sq. m of hermetic 14-meter-deep walls and 180 000 sq. m of the cutting. The underground construction required delivery and building of 37 000 sq. m of concrete and 6000 tons of reinforcement steel. The works were realized with the usage of 10 tower cranes. We have already commenced the first finishing works in the underground of the buildings and we are planning the first installation works in the nearest days – explains Marek Piotrowski, Chairman of the General Contractor’s Agreement, HOCHTIEF Poland with department in Warsaw.   


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