Warsaw attracts tourists

3 million tourists visited Warsaw last year. In order to increase this number, the Warsaw Touristic Agency started a new campaign – Warsaw City Break – Come to Warsaw in summer. It is supposed to make Warsaw a perfect place for a summer weekend.

According to the Euromonitor International Warsaw ranking, Warsaw is on the 42nd place on the list of the most often visited cities in the world. The Central Statistical Office of Poland presents that the capital is more and more often visited by the great number of people. 3 million of tourists overnighted in Warsaw in 2014 – that is 5 per cent more in comparison to the previous year. Ca. 40 per cent of them are foreigners, mainly Britons, Germans and Americans. Moreover, Warsaw has also a high position in the first fortieth in the ranking conducted by Trivago which recorded one hundred cities with the best touristic base.  


According to experts, foreigners appreciate that the capital of Poland is a city full of contrasts. On the one hand, it is an old city. On the other hand – it is a modern city, full of music and specific atmosphere of events. The key symbols of Warsaw should be infrastructure, that is the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science as well as art – for instance the Saint Anna Farras Gallery or Rembrandt painting in the Royal Castle – believes Monika Białkowska from the Warsaw Touristic Agency.


In spite of a huge cultural background, the Polish capital is mainly associated with business and politics. Many foreigners come to Warsaw for business purposes. The Warsaw City Break – Come to Warsaw in summer campaign is supposed to extend the cultural tourism. It was prepared by the Warsaw Touristic Agency and it is conducted in Great Britain and Sweden. It will promote the capital as a place which is attractive for tourists, worth spending holidays or weekends. Therefore, the emphasis will be particularly put on cultural atmosphere of the city – concerts, festivals or theatrical performances.  


Tourists are attracted by diversity, different images, modern infrastructure, newly opened line of metro or newly built structures. They are also attracted by modern museums and cultural events. We have over 60 theatres and many musical events. I think that everyone will find something for themselves in this city – points out Monika Białkowska.  


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