Building of Łódź Fabryczna comes to a close

Building of Łódź Fabryczna, pic
Building of Łódź Fabryczna, pic
The building of the Łódź Fabryczna railway station is completed in 80 per cent. At present, the glazing of the roof is being performed. The station will be commissioned in summer 2016.

The construction works on the building of Łódź Fabryczna are coming to a close. At present, the contractor is completing the works at a giant dome and the glazing of the facades has been already started. In all, there are 10 000 panels to arrange – including ca. 65 per cent of glazed ones. Moreover, the realization of the underground part as well as tunnel with four 2-kilometer-long tracks is also coming to an end. The constructions of platforms are ready and the installation of escalators and 20 elevators is finished. To sum up, 80 per cent of works have been already performed.


The scale of this enterprise – that is building of Łódź Fabryczna – perfectly illustrates the numbers presented by PKP: 1.5 million m3 of area have been taken away, 70 000 m3 of concrete and ca. 10 000 tons of steel for armament have been used. Moreover, 10 thousand of people were working at the building of one of the largest railway investments in Poland and 1000 people were engaged in montage of installations and steel construction.  


The building has cost 1 billion zlotys so far and the value of the whole project amounts to 1.75 billion zlotys. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA received a bailout from the means of the EU. The works co-financed by UE will be performed and settled this year. A part of the investment which is realized by the local authority also received a bailout from the EU. The general contractor of the railway station is the consortium of Torpol, Astaldi, Intercor and Przedsiębiorstwo Dróg i Mostów.


The first crossing of technical trains was planned on December this year. The passengers will be able to benefit from the new railway station in autumn 2016.  


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