Modernization of the first segment on the Warsaw-Radom line

The modernization works of the 27-km-long railway line as well as development of platforms and set of tracks on trails and stations on the route Warsaw Okęcie and Czachówek Południowy have already started.

The modernization of the railway line envisages development of all platforms which are situated on such stations as: Warsaw Okęcie, Piaseczno; Czachówek Południowy and stops: Warsaw Jeziorki, Warsaw Dawidy, Nowa Iwiczna, Zalesie Górne, Ustanówek and Czachówek Górny.


The modernization of the railway line from the Warszawa Okęcie station through Piaseczno to Czachówka will consist in demolition and building of tracks from the very beginning as well as the rest railway infrastructure on the whole segment. Except for a complex modernization of trail tracks, the general contractor will have to develop the set of tracks on the Warsaw Okęcie, Piaseczno and Czachówek Południowy stations in order to make the service of agglomeration traffic more efficient. It will enable such carriers as Szybka Kolej Miejska to launch completely new connections servicing the southern part of the Warsaw agglomeration – including Nowa Iwiczna, Piaseczna, Zalesie Górne, Czachówek and Góra Kalwaria – says Marcin Mochocki, Member of the Board of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA, Chairman for Investments' Realization.


The development of all railway passages will be also conducted within the investment which will make the road transport more efficient and enhance safety. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe SA ordered a realization of the Trakcja PRKiI investment. The contract concerning this undertaking was signed on 27th July this year. The investment envisages devising of executive projects as well as realization of construction works. The value of planned works, which are going to last 20 months, amounts to 460 million zlotys.


Trakcja PRKiL has a long experience in realization of several times bigger contracts. We have a complex potential of technical equipment and we prepared base of the construction. Therefore, we are ready to commence construction works – emphasizes Sławomir Raczyński, Vice-chairman of the Board and Chairman for Production in Trakcja PRKiL.


The concluded agreement is the third contract for modernization of a railway route from Warsaw to Radom.


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