Digital revolution in German motor industry

According to chairman of Volkswagen, Michael Winterkorn, German motor industry will soon experience a digital revolution.

A standard which is currently offered in the area of renting of cars is access to the Internet and navigational systems which are built in vehicles. Moreover, more and more cars are equipped with sensors in order to wake up drivers, brake vehicles or lead cars to a settled destination without intervention of drivers.


The chairman of an international concern also emphasizes that the income generated from sale of semi-automatic and autonomic cars will total many millions. Elmar Degenhart, chairman of Continental AG producing tires as well as systems and units for cars, has the same observations. He believes that cars' sensors will create a market with the value of 10 million EUR till the end of 2020. According to the Center Automotive Research, the income generated from sale of intelligent assistance systems will reach 55 billion EUR in 2020 and 300 billion EUR ten years later. These systems will probably become the most important determinant of technological progress for the whole motor industry as well as increase in the nearest 15 years.


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