European Square becomes more and more beautiful

European Square next to currently realized Warsaw Spire complex in Warsaw
Fountain with backlighted streams of different size
European Square (Plac Europejski) – a square which is being realized in close proximity to Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station – is becoming more and more attractive. There are fountains, cascade stream and lake among the greenery.

European Square will be a new Warsaw communal area designed by Belgian landscape architects from Wirtz International Landscape Architects. It will combine public and business functions and inhabitants of Warsaw will regain an area located at Grzybowska and Wronia Streets next to Rondo Daszyńskiego metro station which was inaccessible for years.


Works at realization of the project have been lasting for several months. The building of water installations has been already completed. A round lake with fountains and backlights was created within the project. A 12-meter-long stream of water is coming from the lake and it has a floor covered with stones. It crosses the square till the Warsaw Spire tower building. There it has an influx at a modern fountain. The performance is created by jet streams of different size which are backlighted by multicolored floodlights.  


The greenery is being systematically planted around the water installations. There are 80 high trees from a specialized school in German Bruns. One may notice dawn redwoods, bald cypresses and locusts around them. The other event of planting trees will start in October and the last pieces will be planted after completion of construction works in autumn 2016. Jointly, European Square will be decorated with 140 trees and hedges of common beech. The investor is planning to seed jointly over 14 thousand plants. Ca. 4 thousand seedlings have been planted so far. Moreover, the finishing works related to the square's surface are also at advanced stage – only the last layer of granite is left to perform 


Except for greenery and small architecture, European Square will have many gastronomic points, including Stixx Bar&Grill restaurant. Moreover, there will be also a bicycle station, public furniture and summer gardens. The completion of all works at European Square is planned on April 2016.


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