First systemic railway station offered by PKP

Seasonal railway station, visualization PKP
Seasonal railway station, visualization PKP
Building of the first systemic railway station has been already completed. The investment realized in Nasielsk is now at travelers disposal.

A modern railway station in Nasielsk was realized within a pilot project of PKP – Innovative Systemic Railway Stations. A new compact and ecological structure was built in place of the former one. It will be more functional and easier to maintain in comparison to the previous station. Innovative railway stations provide solutions for the 21st century. Each of them will be equipped with solar panels and energy-saving LED lighting with motion detectors. Additionally, there will be also an air heat pump and rainwater recovery system in Nasielsk – says Piotr Ciżkowicz, Member of the Board, PKP SA. – The applied ecological solutions and smaller cubature make that Innovative Railway Stations will be more economic and energetically effective than previous buildings. The maintenance costs will decrease by ca. 40% – adds.


The newly built structure performs all functions related to the service of travelers. It was divided into two parts: so called municipal and commercial. The railway station is also adjusted to the needs of the disabled. The building was equipped with leading paths for the blinds and visually handicapped as well as specially devised map of the structure. Warmińskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane was responsible for works related to the building of the railway station in Nasielsk. The investment cost ca. 5.4 million zlotys and means for its realization are from the public budget and own contribution of PKP SA.


Innovative Systemic Railway Stations is a pilot project of PKP which is being realized in four locations. At present, construction works related to the project are being conducted on four stations: Ciechanów, Mława and Strzelce Krajeńskie Wschód. At present, PKP is considering creation of modern stations in i.a. Pomiechówek, Poznań Garbary or Sędziszów Małopolski.


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