New office in Łódź

Nowa Fabryczna, visualization Skanska Property Poland
Nowa Fabryczna, visualization Skanska Property Poland
Nowa Fabryczna – this is a name of a new office which is being realized by Skanska Property Poland. It is the second office investment of this company on the market in Łódź.

Preparation works related to the building of an office owned by Skanska Property Poland in Łódź – that is Nowa Fabryczna have already started. The investment will be located at the crossroads of Knychalskiego and Składowa Streets on the area of Nowe Centrum Łodzi. The structure is going to offer 21 500 sq. m of office and service area. Nowa Fabryczna will have seven aboveground and two underground tiers which will be intended for a car park with 210 parking places. The building was designed for ca. 2200 employees. The planned completion of the investment is envisaged on the turn of the second and third quarter of 2017.


The name of the project refers to a character of the city and its location. The investment will be realized in close proximity to the renovated Dworzec Fabryczny. Łódź is developing very dynamically which is confirmed by numerous investments. The city is characterized by many factors which make that it is an attractive place with still undeveloped potential. The main advantages of Łódź are location in the very heart of the center of Poland and the fact that it is one of the most important academic centers in Poland. Moreover, big communication projects, investments realized in the city and building of Nowe Centrum Łodzi, Dworzec Fabryczny or W-Z route are also very important. All these factors allowed us to make a decision about realization of two other projects in the city. The first of them will be Nowa Fabryczna – comments Łukasz Kaleciński, Regional Director, Skanska Property Poland.


Nowa Fabryczna will have i.a. a green patio with cascade of stairs, city bicycle station and loggie located on each of the floors. The office complex in Łódź is a challenge for designers. The context of the renovated Łódź Fabryczna railway station and dynamically developing Nowe Centrum Łodzi is an inspiration for designing of a building which is a showcase of development and contemporary times. What is important is that the building will be also creating this context because it will be one of the firstly erected buildings on the basis of the Municipal Development Plan written for this area. Flexibility and functionality – always the main features of the buildings owned by Skanska – were enriched by an original and non-standard facade which – as we hope – will distinguish the building against the other modern office complexes – point out Łukasz Zagała and Przemo Łukasik, architects in medusa group.


The building will be realized in accordance with the idea of sustainable construction. Solutions implemented in the structure will enable reduction in the consumption of energy and water. Nowa Fabryczna will be also certified in the LEED system at the Gold level. The investment's project was devised in Silesian architectural studio of medusa group. The general contractor of the building will be Skanska SA and Skanska Property Poland will be responsible for its commercialization.


Nowa Fabryczna is the second office owned by Skanska Property Poland which is being realized on the market in Łódź. The first building – Green Horizon – is located in the neighborhood of Rondo Solidarności. The complex was sold to the Griffin Real Estate fund in the third quarter of 2014.


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