Crossroads at Tryton Business House – facilitation for drivers

Tryton Business House
A new crossroads was created within development of a communication structure related to realization of the Tryton Business House office. The exit from the formerly closed Gdyńskich Kosynierów Street allows drivers to easily join John of Kolno Street.

The crossroads which connects Gdyńskich Kosynierów Street with John of Kolno Street made the traffic in this part of the city passable. It is the last part of a new traffic structure designed to service Tryton Business House which enhances comfort of access in the communicational hub of John of Kolno Street, Zwycięstwa Avenue as well as Nowa Wałowa and Kupiecka Streets. We are glad that all visitors will be able to benefit from this new solution – says Mirosław Nowak, project manager from Department of Offices and Hotels, Echo Investment. Additionally, a public multilevel car park with almost 500 parking places for cars was created within Tryton Business House. It is a facilitation making the communication in the neighborhood of the European Solidarity Center passable.


Tryton Business House will be a structure class A which will offer 22 000 sq. m of office area. The building is being revitalized in the center of Gdańsk at the crossroads of John of Kolno Street and Wałów Piastowskich Street. The office will have an underground car park and parking places for 262 vehicles. The project, which was devised in the Arch-Deco architectural studio from Gdynia, envisages 72 covered parking places for bicycles. Moreover, bicyclists will be also able to benefit from showers, changing rooms and drying room.


Tryton Business House will have six tiers from John of Kolno Street and 11 from the middle part. Both parts are combined with a one-tier hall – a connector which performs service and office functions. The structure will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2015. In June this year, the building received the BREEAM Interim ecological certificate at the Excellent level.  


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