Lower Silesian Economic Activity Zone – S3 Jawor

Ceremonial signage of agreement for building of DSAG – S3 Jawor (source:http://lsse.eu/news/nowe-mozliwosci-dla-jawora-porozumienie-podpisane/)
Ceremonial signage of agreement for building of DSAG – S3 Jawor (source:http://lsse.eu/news/nowe-mozliwosci-dla-jawora-porozumienie-podpisane/)
Lower Silesian Economic Activity Zone – S3 Jawor (DSAG S3 Jawor) will be launched on the area of over 420 ha. It will be aimed at support in conducting business activity in the Lower Silesian region.

This project is an effect of cooperation of the Ministry of Economy, Legnicka Special Economic Zone (LSSE), Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) and authorities of Lower Silesia Voivodship, County and Borough Jawor and Borough Męcinka. The agreement about realization of the investment defining scope of works and duties of particular partners has been already signed.


The Lower Silesian Economic Zone will be a place where big concerns and small as well as medium enterprises could develop their business activity. The area is well-prepared not only in respect of plots. It offers i.a. base of qualified employees and possibility of building production and warehouse halls adjusted to the needs of tenants – said under-secretary of state in the Ministry of Economy Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik during the ceremony of signing the agreement.  


The area of DSAG S3 Jawor will be included in the LSSE zone which will allow to offer exemption from income tax to potential investors. Entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from the potential of our clusters: education, motor and air. They will also receive aid from dedicated caretakers from the zone. Such people will help them at each stage of the investment process – announces Rafał Jurkowlaniec, Chairman of Legnicka Special Economic Zone.  


The greatest benefits from creation of DSAG S3 Jawor will receive Borough Jawor, which is going to incorporate ca. 388 ha in the area of the zone. We are on the brink of creation of a partnership which is going to change not only Jawor but also the whole region for many years. The borough supported by so many groups of partners is on a good way to develop. We are consequently realizing our plan concerning creation of new work places. I am convinced that new investors in our city is only matter of time. We are receiving questions about investments in this region all the time – says Emilian Bera, mayor of Jawor.  


DSAG S3 Jawor will have investment areas dedicated to small, medium and big companies. It will be also one of the LSSE sub-zones. Moreover, all works related to the building will be completed at the end of 2018.  


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