Solid of Nicolas Business Center

Nicolas Business Center
Nicolas Business Center
Construction works at realization of Nicolas Business Center are being conducted in accordance with the schedule.

Finishing works at realization of the elevation in Nicolas Business Center are currently being conducted. The building is located at the crossroads of Santa Claus and Nowy Świat Streets in Wrocław. At the same time, daub works, montage of installations as well as floors inside the building are being realized.


Nicolas Business Center, the commission of which is planned on the first quarter of 2016, is characterized by untypical shape for such a structure. It is composed of two parts which differ from each other by shape, height and kind of elevation. The first of them, which is being realized on the plan of a triangle, starts at the crossroads and it is extended by running along Santa Claus Street. The second one – located from Nowy Świat Street – refers to adjacent residential buildings by its form. This process allowed to perfectly incorporate the structure into existing development and it emphasized the history of this place. Nicolas Business Center is being realized on the plot, on which a structure known by older inhabitants of Wrocław – Kino Pokój was located in the past (this building was demolished in 1999).


Nicolas Business Center is located in close proximity to the Wrocław market square in a historical and the most prestigious part of the city. It is a 6-floor office building class A, in which 10 500 sq. m of office lease area and 800 sq. m of service area are located. Moreover, a two-level car park for 114 parking places was envisaged in the building's solid.  


The investor of Nicolas Business Center is Global 2016 Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] LP., which entrusted the ISB Budownictwo company with the general contracting.  


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