New business center on the Wrocław market

Art-Business Center
Art-Business Center is going to be realized in the very heart of the Ołtaszyn district in Wrocław. It will offer 1100 sq. m of service and office area.

Art-Business Center is a structure owned by Art-Deweloper from Wrocław. It is being realized in the Ołtaszyn district at Strachowskiego 9 Street in Wrocław. Works at its realization started in 2014 and its commission is planned on the fourth quarter this year. The architectural project of the structure was devised by Tomasz Marhall and it is characterized by modern and elegant solid. The front elevation is totally made from glass and it will be complemented by wooden lattices and stone.


The building is composed of three tiers and usable entresol. The total service and office area intended for sales and lease amounts to 1100 sq. m. Tenants will have commercial and service premises with the size of 280 sq. m at their disposal on the ground floor. The first and second tier will offer respectively 380 and 360 sq. m of office area. It is worth mentioning that there is a possibility of division of the area (size of the premises, shape and location) in accordance with the client's requirements.  


The first lease and sale contracts have already been signed. A dentist's and phisiotheraptist's office as well as company engaged in ventilation and air-conditioning will be opened in the first quarter of 2016. They will jointly occupy 280 sq. m.


Art-Deweloper has been functioning on the market since 2005. The developer has realized residential properties so far. The Art-Business Center investment is the first office project in the company's portfolio.  


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