Wrocław – target city for IT companies?

Wrocław Business Park
Rzeźnicza 16
How does the situation of the IT industry in Wrocław look like? Does the capital of Lower Silesia have a chance for the title of the Polish IT resources?

According to the report titled „IT sector. Human capital in Wrocław” prepared by Hays Poland, more than 40 medium and big companies delivering a broad range of IT services operate on the area of Wrocław. Taken together, over 12 thousand experts in this field work in that sector. The IT industry is very diversified in the matter of size of companies. Averagely the employment (median) amounts to 94 people, however, there are such centers as IBM Delivery Center or Nokia Networks that hire thousands of experts. Except for giants in Wrocław, there are also small enterprises hiring up to 20 employees – as we may read in the report.


According to the survey of Hays, the key factor that has a crucial impact on location of the IT activity in Wrocław is human capital, that is the availability of employees with desired qualifications. The second one is size of the IT industry in the city due to the chance of gaining potential employees from the competition. Another crucial factor deciding on location of a headquarters of IT companies in the capital of Lower Silesia is a good communication of Wrocław with other places in Poland and all over the world.


The number of new companies is still increasing in the city, and the ones that have their headquarters here are still developing. For instance, one of the leading deliverers of IT services in the world – Luxoft – announced further continuation of dynamic recruitment in Wrocław in 2016. The company opened three other floors in the Silver Tower Center complex on 22th January 2016 and thus it extended the office area to 4300 sq. m. There are 245 new working places for IT specialists which are to be occupied by the end of 2016. Luxoft operates in two other headquarters too – its first Wrocław office in the building of Heritage Gates as well as Green Day (Szczytnicka Street), where it moved in July last year.


It is worth mentioning that Wrocław is currently the third location of modern business services in Poland due to the number of employed people, the great majority of which are IT specialists. The development of both IT industry and modern services for business contributes to development of the office property market. There are many realized or currently realized new office projects in the city. For instance, Wrocław Business Park which is located on the 10.5-hectare plot situated in the north-eastern part of Wrocław in the Psie Pole district. This investment is composed of a building complex – the main and the biggest one is a 4-floor multi-wing office structure with the size of over 30 000 sq. m. Another project is currently being realized in the very heart of the city center at the crossroads of Rzeźnicza and Nowy Świat Streets – Rzeźnicza 16. The building is going to offer 3730 sq. m of office area for rent. Moreover, the investment called Nicolas Business Center is being realized in the city center of Wrocław. This 6-floor building will offer 10 500 sq. m to its tenants. There are also smaller projects on the market such as Art Business Center owned by Art-Deweloper. This 3-tier building is located in the Wrocław Ołtaszyn district at Strachowskiego 9 Street. It offers jointly 1100 sq. m of service and office area for sale.


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