Grupa Satoria – new tenant of Plac Unii

Plac Unii
Plac Unii
Grupa Satoria – a company that operates on the hotel, conference and office market – moves into its new headquarters in Plac Unii in July this year.

Grupa Satoria will move into its new headquarters in Plac Unii in July this year. The tenant will occupy 800 sq. m of space in the building B. While searching for a new headquarters, we concentrated on modern office structures with attractive standard of area for us and situated on one floor. Except for quality of offices and central location which enables a perfect access to communication as well as optimal lease conditions, facilitations that are offered by Plac Unii are also of great importance – informs Przemysław Jankowski, Director of Real Estate Services Department, Satoria Group SA.


While searching for a location and negotiation of lease conditions, Grupa Satoria was represented by experts of Walter Herz consulting company, which is also responsible for commercialization of the office investment of Grupa Satoria in the Warsaw Wola district. The main factor that decided on signage of this contract was quality of offered area and convenient location of the structure, which enables quick access to all parts of the city, including the airport and main railway stations by different means of communication. The location gained advantage due to close proximity to Plac Unii shopping mall, which offers a broad commercial, service and gastronomic offer on spot – informs Mateusz Strzelecki, Senior Associate of Walter Herz.


Grupa Satoria specializes in delivery of hotel and conference services, lease of office space and management of its own hotel properties under the brands Best Western, START hotel, RT Hotels, conference centers and Warsaw offices. The office portfolio of Grupa Satoria includes i.a. C12A, the realization of which is to be completed at the turn of the third and fourth quarters of 2017.


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