BPO driven by Americans

Warsaw (pic Walter Herz)
Warsaw (pic Walter Herz)
The modern business services sector is a branch of Polish economy which constantly records an increase. This industry is mainly driven by foreign investments. In Poland, they are mostly implemented by companies from the USA.

In Poland, 92 service centers have been launched since April 2016 and the great majority of them are the investments from the USA. The Americans launched 21 centers in that time, whereas Polish companies, which occupy the second position, launched 16 establishments. According to the newest report conducted by ABSL, in the analyzed period, there was also a noticeable flow of investments from Great Britain (8 centers), Germany and Sweden (7 new centers respectively) and Switzerland (5).

The Americans lead the market due to the number of foreign companies in our country; 237 out of 748 centers run by investors from abroad belong to the American companies. According to data, the largest proportion of new operational centers in the modern business services sector are companies across Atlantic, however, it is worth emphasizing that the European investors, including the investors from Germany and from the Scandinavian countries, significantly increased their business activity and they are the regular guests in the Investor Service Center in Polish companies. We should expect that Europe, not the USA, will be a crucial player of the BPO, GBC or CoE markets in subsequent years – explains Wiktor Doktór, Chairman of Pro Progressio Foundation, which specializes in both development and promotion of the outsourcing industry in Poland.

The Centers from the USA have the largest employment share. In Poland, every third person hired in the industry works in such a center and Polish companies are responsible for one fifth of employment in the sector, whereas the centers from the Nordic countries – for 10 per cent. The experts of Walter Herz point out that the American centers are the greatest contributors to employment in Warsaw as nearly the half of the people employed in the business services sector work there. According to the experts, the companies from the USA are the main employers in the BPO/SSC sector in five out of seven main business services centers in Poland – not only in Warsaw but also in Krakow, Tricity, Poznań and Wrocław. The only cities where the first place is occupied by domestic companies are Katowice and Łódź.


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