Spend your evening with Julieta

Scene from the movie "Julieta" (source: Gutek Film)
Interbiuro and Gutek Film invite to the premiere of the film "Julieta". It is the new work of the director Pedro Almodóvar which indicates his big return.

The premiere of "Julieta" will be held on 8th September 2016 (Thursday) at 8.30 p.m. in the Warsaw Muranów cinema. The organizers of this event are Interbiuro and Gutek Film, whereas the media patron is e-biurowce.pl. These two organizers of the show are planning a surprise and thus they request for bringing business cards.


"Julieta" tells a story about a mother looking for a daughter who disappeared many years ago. The film shows extreme emotions towards close people. It also presents that sometimes there are some secrets which are hidden even before the closest people. From the very beginning I knew that "Julieta" is to be a drama movie, not a melodrama. Drama with elements of mystery: somebody is looking for someone not knowing the reasons for their disappearance. Somebody who you spend your life with suddenly disappears. You do not understand it. It happens, it is human nature but it is not understandable, not acceptable. Not to mention the pain it causes – says the director asked about the movie.    


The movie is inspired by stories of the laurate of the Noble Award Munro. The main role of Julieta is played by two different actors: Adriana Ugarte played Julieta aged 25-40, and Emma Suarez played its older version. The music was composed by Alberto Iglesias.


Pedro Almodóvar is the double winner of Oscar and one of the most known directors of the authorial cinema in the world. He was awarded more than 90 prestigious film awards. Almodóvar received the Oscars for All about my mother (2000) in the best foreign movie category and for the scenario to the film Talk to her (2003).




The film will be presented within prerelease film shows organized by Interbiuro together with the film distributor Gutek Film, aimed at experts from the real estate industry.


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